Frederick County Executive In The Community

Over the past few months of campaigning the question has come up again and again. “How can I best help?”

Well, that moment is upon us. The Frederick County Executive Primary is next month and it’s time to enter the final leg of the first stage of the race. That is where you and OPERATION: KNOCK OUT meet!!

For one day we are looking to have as many volunteers as possible sweep the entire county helping us to spread our message. We want to get at least 100 volunteers to come out and for 3 hours knock on doors and talk to our community about why we must change the culture of the council!!

We will meet at Soldierfit Frederick at 9 AM. Captains will be given their areas, and the teams will SP from there. This is our next to last major event before the Primary ( the last one will be the day of the primary at the polling stations).

We need you. We can’t win without you!

Now, let’s knock this out!!

This event has ended