Lower Taxes and Fees

A country road in Frederick County, Maryland.

Frederick County has the third highest County Property Tax Rate in the State at $1.06 per $100 of assessed value. Property assessments have risen for the past three years, but there has been no offsetting decrease in the tax rate.  Property Tax Revenue has increased almost $30 million during the first term of Charter Government.

  • I will put a halt to the ever-increasing taxes and fees and pledge to be a better steward of your hard earned dollars.
  • Ensure seniors on fixed income aren’t taxed out of their homes.

“Regina has forgotten more about Frederick County finances than most candidates for County office have ever learned. She is truly a subject matter expert.” – Rick Weldon, former County Commissioner and State Delegate

Sensible Growth & Development

In the past decade, short-sighted politics from both extremes has caused havoc on land use and development planning. From the downzoning of properties to 25 year DRRAs, it seems every four years, we see the reactive response to undo the previous administration’s actions.  Somewhere in the middle, we can grow into a model community with both cultural amenities and the small town charm that Frederick embodies.

Commercial development adds more to the County coffers than it requires in services. Residential growth is the opposite. Without a balanced approach, though, our kids and grandkids won’t be able to afford to live here, and there won’t be jobs for them either. County planners need stability and predictability, and developers need to pay for the impacts their developments create. It’s a false choice to say that we should stop growth, just as it’s a false choice to call for unconstrained growth. With the right kind of leadership, we can grow and develop in a sustainable, practical way.

  • Expansion of the tax base through planned commercial and residential development that provides needed infrastructure.
  • Safeguard bad development deals at the cost of the Frederick County taxpayer

Promote A Business Friendly Climate & Job Growth

Covered bridge in rural Frederick County, Maryland.

Too often we have seen small business owners go through a long drawn out process of jumping through hoops to start a new business, expand an existing one, or to correct issues to be in compliance with current and/or new regulations. I will work to create a culture of leadership in County Government that seeks solutions to ensure business owners can thrive while staying in compliance.

  • Streamline the permit process to provide a more predictable, timely and flexible process for new and growing businesses.
  • Train an excellent workforce through expansion of mentoring and apprenticeship programs while promoting high school work studies, internships and pride in vocational training.
  • Emphasis on Job Growth to provide more opportunities for County residents to work locally instead of commuting. This can be done by attracting major employers to the region through lower taxes and fees and a business friendly climate.